Aged Piscos were the winners of the 2013 El Catador Contest

Aged Piscos were the winners of the 2013 El Catador Contest

The international jury of the Contest El Catador 2013, distinguished this year with the medal of «Gran Oro», to selection piscos, reserved and with long time of guarding and aging in oak barrels.

The medal of «Great Gold» in the Pisco category, in the Contest El Catador 2013, were for the piscos Mistral Gran Nobel Booked and Bauzá Reserved, both of 40o, obtaining at this time, the highest distinction of an international jury, selection piscos, with long time aged in oak barrels.

The «Gold» medal went to the piscos, Capel Double Transparent Distillate; Alto del Carmen 40o Transparent and Special pisco Mal Paso of 35o. While the medal of «Silver», was obtained by the piscos, Bauza Cystal 40o Double Distilled; Pisco El Gobernador; Pisco Especial 40o Fundo Los Nichos; Pisco Mistral Gran Pisco 46o and Pisco Horcón Quemado Artesanal Extra Aged 46o.

The vice president of the Association of Producers of Pisco A.G., Francisco Peñafiel, noted that «we are very pleased that a contest of this size has visited the fish area. The participation of an international jury composed of sommelier from Europe and America contribute to the dissemination of the pisco, for the conquest of external markets,» he said.

The award was held last Monday, July 01, at Hotel W in Santiago, after last week, the international jury of more than 20 Chilean and foreign experts led by María Isabel Mijares García-Pelayo, vice president of the International Federation of Wine and Spirit Journalists and Writers, visited the Limarí Valley, one of the pisco-producing areas and performed a blind tasting with various brands of our national distillate , from the Atacama and Coquimbo regions.

The 2013 Qatar w W Santiago Competition is the most important Chilean wines and spirits competition in America, with an 18-year tradition of existence. It was sponsored by Prochile y Cristalerías Chile, and was sponsored by the Association of Producers of Pisco A.G. The piscos competition and evaluation was developed according to the standards of the International Wine Organization (OIV) and VinoFed.